Approaching Growth the Sustainable Way – Sylvia Ng

Stop Looking for Silver Bullets. Growth is a Process, not a Guessing Game.

As a Growth professional, your company is looking to you to meaningfully change the bottom line. But are you getting the results you want? Or are you putting in countless hours only to feel like you’re spinning your wheels? If you want to seriously develop a Growth competency, how do you ensure success instead of just haphazardly hacking away? Sylvia will share lessons learned from being part of Growth teams at Google, eBay, and 500px to show you how to seriously develop a Growth competency.

What to expect

  1. Use goals and frameworks to turn “hacking” into predictable results
  2. Structure a Growth team to maximize success
  3. Apply analytics appropriately to meaningfully move KPIs and scale your company

Sylvia Ng is a growth and analytics expert with a passion for using the intersection of data, engineering, and marketing to fuel business results. Sylvia is currently the VP of Growth at 500px, an Andreessen Horowitz backed photography community with over 9M members globally. There she is leading a multi-disciplinary team to tackle startup challenges such as user acquisition, product monetization, and community management. Sylvia has held past growth roles at Google, eBay, OANDA, and ScribbleLive, and has a Masters in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.