SmoJoes SEO Growth Hacking Show

Growth Hacking SEO

Another smashing presentation by Rob Campbell (@roberrific). After an hour of growth hacking worthy content, the presentation capitulated with a close competition for which participant would have the opportunity to have their very own site analyzed on the spot.

The core of the matter is Google ranking. Is their business on the first page or not? Most likely than not it isn’t, so what’s standing in their way to traffic riches? Contestants pitched their businesses and subjected their pages to close and public scrutiny of their on-site/meta SEO optmimization. Keywords might have lost their mojo in the metadata keywords tag, but they are still the foundation of an SEO strategy. Finding those keywords in the URL, Title and H1 is most important at this stage.

Thanks to the generosity of EventMobi (our hosts) and GuruLink, we had the pleasure of witnessing these lighting consulting rounds, followed by an in-depth analysis of their site.

Growth Hacking SEO

All in all, our fifth event was definitely awesome and by popular vote, the winner was Jane from

The prize: community driven SEO power. The crowd blogged and tweeted content linking back to their site. Within three weeks Jane will be raise from obscurity to be on the first page of Google.

A special thanks goes out to Vigorate Digital E-commerce Software for contributing the Keurig Office Pro Coffee maker that David Woogan took home, and to Personal Service Coffee for donating the office coffee that rained down on participants with the most thoughtful questions.

Growth Hacking SEO