Ryerson Startup School 2015 – Growth Hacking: Cost-effective, scalable & creative marketing techniques


The marketing choices available to you flow from your ability to deliver and capture value. Value is determined by how much satisfaction your product offers and much effort it requires. Positioning takes sacrifice. It means giving up the vast majority of the market, in exchange for a very small niche that your are best suited to dominate. The war may take place in the market, but each battle is fought in the mind. Social validation is the most powerful catalyst for action. Limit your efforts to 3 channels in parallel. The sooner you can start executing, the sooner you can find what channels will work for you. Check the math before taking on a new channel. Avoid getting lost in tactics and aimless execution, by defining what success looks like. Create the report you will use to measure success and build the infrastructure to support it. It is much easier to double your revenue by doubling your conversion rate than it is by doubling your traffic. Test copy over design, and drastic changes over subtle ones. Now that you’ve followed all the rules, it’s time to throw away the rulebook. Time to try some new ideas, and find unorthodox ways to multiply your customer base.