Programmatic Advertising: The New Marketing Frontier by Ratko Vidakovic

Learn the basics of Programmatic Advertising from an expert.

Understanding how to leverage programmatic advertising and its many tactical applications is becoming an essential skill for every modern marketer. Whether your business goals are to create brand awareness or to generate new leads, you can use programmatic advertising to gain unprecedented reach and control over your marketing spend.

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a means by which advertising inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis, via programmatic instantaneous auction, similar to financial markets. Wikipedia

What to expect

  1. Discover the auction mechanics of Real-time Bidding that make a large part of the programmatic ecosystem possible.
  2. Learn how to harness Programmatic Advertising in your own marketing strategy. From essential tactics like Retargeting, to innovative applications like Hyperlocal targeting.
  3. Leave with a clear sense for how to continue incorporating this increasingly important area of outbound marketing into your professional arsenal.

Ratko Vidakovic is the founder of AdProfs, where he teaches marketers about programmatic advertising. In 2001, he co-founded ToyotaNation, growing it into the web’s largest Toyota community. ToyotaNation was acquired in 2006. After several years as a digital marketing consultant, he joined SiteScout as part of the founding team. At SiteScout, he built the marketing machine that grew the DSP business to over 60,000 users and 8-figure revenue – all without an outbound sales team, and all on a shoestring budget. SiteScout was acquired in 2013.