Inbound Marketing Basics

Inbound marketing is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy.

A strong inbound marketing strategy is an essential component of a well crafted digital marketing strategy. It is a long-term initiative that requires patience and effort, but one that has proven very successful for organizations such as Kissmetrics and HubStop.

The first step in the development of your inbound marketing strategy is to define the type of questions that you believe your target audience will be interested in having you answering, and the frequency you can commit to writing every week. This is your content strategy. As a rule of thumb, the longer that your sales cycle is, the deeper and more extensively you should write about each topic.

The main reason for spending our time creating content is that it is simply the most marketable thing that you can attach your name to. Instead of promoting your company, promote your content and utilize every available channel of distribution to let it spread.

For the majority of small to medium size businesses search is often the main source of traffic. Today, good content results in good search rankings. Without saying that all the traditional keyword driven strategies are no longer effective, content is a powerful predictor of relevance as far as Google is concerned.

Social Media also takes a less confusing meaning when we think of it as a channel to distribute our content. Few people are interested listening to self-serving talk about your brand. But many are likely to be interested in following you if they can anticipate a future stream of content with consistent topic, quality and frequency.

Most importantly, quality and in-depth content pieces afford you the opportunity to build an email list. Provided that the topic is sufficiently specific and relevant to them, users will be willing to give you their email address in exchange for it. This is why content is such a powerful tool. It lends itself well to distribution and it becomes the spearhead of your sales strategy. By nurturing your email list you can in time move individuals down the sales funnel with ease.