B2B Marketing for the Enterprise Market by Hana Abaza

Catching the Big Fish: How to Drive Growth and Market to Enterprise Buyers.

The allure of selling to big companies is strong. If you pull it off, it means you have less customers while making more revenue per customer. But what most people don’t consider are the complexities involved in marketing and selling to big companies. Simply put, the growth mechanisms for B2B are different.

What to expect

  • What does “enterprise” even mean and how do we market to them.
  • How to position your product and talk to B2B buyers.
  • Key growth drivers and tactics to fill your funnel and drive sales.

Hana Abaza is the Head of Marketing at Shopify Plus, a commerce platform designed for high-volume, fast-growing brands. Prior to that, she was the VP of Marketing & Strategy at Uberflip. Her expertise lies in product and content marketing, demand gen and growth. Beyond her daily routine, Hana is also an active speaker, startup advisor and self-proclaimed podcast-junkie.