Creative Marketing & PR Stunts with Saul Colt

Learn from Saul Colt how to incorporate PR Stunts into your startup marketing strategy.

Creative Marketing for a Startup is a hot button topic. Most startup marketers are not fortunate to have the budget needed to place an ad in the Super Blow, and many don’t have the mindset necessary to discover creative ways to get attention and stand out more cheaply. Saul Colt lives and breathes this space. He has deployed wildly successful guerrilla marketing campaigns and PR stunts at ZipCar, FreshBooks, Hubba, among others. In this talk, he will simplify the process of “Stunting” a target, and explain how to get people talking about your company with as little budget as possible.

A publicity stunt is anything that is engineered to get media coverage. Traction | Gabriel Weinberg

Saul Colt specializes in word of mouth marketing, customer experience design, guerrilla marketing, event marketing, traditional public relations, and social media that drive bottom line results. He is highly skilled and experienced at partnering with business leaders and managing diverse teams to produce advanced solutions that increase revenue and reduce costs.